DT-5 Integrated TaxiMeter & Data Terminal

Not long ago, we lived in a world where current technology was payphones, VCRs and fax machines. Today all that is gone. Replaced with email, Facebook, Twitter and smart phones. Today's passengers have an expectation of current technology. This has not happened only on the fickle winds of fashion, but on the expectation that the use of current technology is more efficient, more accurate and delivers more important information to more people in a timely manner. In a time when high tech is the expectation, and not the exception, CabManager fits the bill perfectly.

Data Terminal

  • Driver login
  • Medallion tracking
  • Regulator access to real time critical data
  • Custom integration to dispatch
  • Route mapping and tracking
  • Statistical data collection and analysis
  • Extensive productivity reports
  • GPS tracking including geo-fencing capability
  • Helps prevent "long hauling" and "high flagging"

Passenger Experience

  • In car advertising capable
  • Potential to present coupons or purchase tickets
  • Manage outside advertising
  • Intergrated with 3rd party Credit Card Terminals
  • Generate and deliver detailed electronic receipts
  • Passenger mobile interface for questions, complaints or satisfaction surveys
  • Custom news feed capable
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