• DT-5 Integrated TaxiMeter
    & Data Terminal
    • Driver login
    • Medallion tracking
    • Regulator access to real time critical data
    • Custom integration to dispatch
    • Route mapping and tracking
    • Statistical data collection and analysis
    • Extensive productivity reports
    • GPS tracking including geo-fencing capability
    • Helps prevent "long hauling" and "high flagging"
  • Software Development
    When it comes to proficiently managing vehicles,
    drivers, trip sheets and more Las Vegas Taxi companies
    look to CabManager. Find out how our software can
    improve your taxi company operations!
  • Software Development
    Dispatch Studio
    • Live Vehicle Tracking
    • Real Time Hailing System
    • Panic System
    • Custom Phone System Intergrations
  • GPS Tracking
    Live or Wi-Fi offload
    Choose to setup a 3G or 4G data connection and receive
    real time GPS and Mobileye alarms
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Custom Software Solutions

Producers of the most innovative Taxi Cab Company Management Software, CabManager.

Integrated TaxiMeter

Offload Meter Readings, GPS mapping and navigation, Payment options and more

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Comprehensive Reports

A variety of reports to tell you everything from driver productivity to daily cash flow.

DT-5 Integrated TaxiMeter & Data Terminal

Electronic Meter Readings

Trip Detail, Meter Readings and Meter State changes communicated to the CabManager server in real time.

In car credit card payment

Process credit card transactions from intergrated 3rd party Credit Card Terminals installed in the back seat allowing passengers to select their desired tip amount as well.

GPS Mapping and Navigation

Send dispatch and radio call notifications directly to the meter. Drivers have all customer pickup information right at their fingertips with turn by turn navigation.

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